Robert Hughes Associates, Inc., was founded in 1979 with the goal of providing insureds and self-insureds with an organization that was able to give responsive, innovative and objective counsel regarding their insurance and risk-based needs.

RHA, Inc., is built upon a foundation of trust, reliability, independence, diversity and objectivity. In simple terms, we work with you in a hands-on manner to bring about the very best solutions to all of your unique and complex insurance and risk-related problems.

We do not sell insurance. Our independence from insurance companies, brokers and agents allows us to provide an unbiased and objective approach to your needs. We are not under pressure to advise you to buy certain products from certain suppliers. Our highly qualified and experienced consultants will work with you to provide innovative problem-solving services.

Whether your consulting needs require insurance, risk management or actuarial services, we can provide you with the very best solutions from the very best people in the insurance industry. If you are looking for assistance in the areas of insurance company management, specialized insurance programs or insurance-based litigation support services, we have the right people with the right experience for the job.

For more information, please click on the appropriate link in the menu at the top of this page or E-mail us. You can also reach us by phone at 972-980-0088 or by fax at 972-233-1548.